Board of directors

The Board of Directors is elected by the Majority Shareholder at the Annual General Meeting (“AGM”).

The Board of Directors manages the shareholders’ interests by establishing goals and strategies for the business, evaluating the operational management, and securing systems for monitoring and control of established goals. Between AGMs, the Board of Directors is the company’s highest governing body. According to the articles of association, Vikings Board of Directors shall consist of 1 to 8 members. The AGM decides the exact number of members.

The members of the Board of Directors shall devote their time and attention to Viking, and acquire the necessary knowledge to defend the company and its shareholders.

Vikings board of directors consists of the following members:

Bo Ingemarsson, Chairman

Chairman of Viking since 2009. Previous experience as CEO of If, CIO of Skandia and CFO of Skanska and Swedbank. Former chairman of Intrum Justitia and former board member of Anticimex and Hufvudstaden.

Johan Bjurström, board member

Holds the position as Managing Partner in AAC Capital Partners in the Nordics, where he is member of the Investment Committee. Also currently holds board positions in TylöHelo and Empower.

Kristofer Runnquist, board member

Partner at AAC Capital Partners. In addition to his directorship in Viking he currently holds board positions in Empower, Envirotainer, Enerpoint and Ocab

Peter Berglund, board member

Member of the Nordic investment team at ICG since 2012. Previous experience include roles within Corporate finance at Jefferies and CIBC/Oppenheimer. Other directorships include board positions in Euro Cater and Esperi

Jørn Clausen, board member

Previously Group CEO of Viking, being replaced by current CEO Hans Petter Semmelmann in 2012. Previous experience from various positions in ABC Bank (now DNB), and CEO and working chairman in Proxll A/S