Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) is Vikings highest governing body, in which shareholders exercise their influence in the company.

The AGM shall be held within six months after the end of the fiscal year. Information on how a shareholder can have an issue raised at the meeting, and by when such a request must be received by the company in order to make sure it is brought up on the meeting, is included in the summoning note, which is sent out at least four weeks prior to the meeting.

At the AGM, there will be information about the company’s development over the past year, and resolutions will be made on a number of central issues. The AGM approves the annual accounts for the previous fiscal year, decides on discharge from liability for the Board of Directors and CEO, elects auditors, decides on compensation for the Board of Directors and auditor and handles other formal issues such as any changes in the articles of association. Extraordinary General Meetings may be held when warranted.

In order to have the right to vote for their shares at the AGM, the shareholders must be registered in the share register on the day established by the Board of Directors, as well as give notice of participation to the Company no later than the day established by the Board of Directors. The shareholders that cannot attend personally have the option of participating through a representative.

Resolutions at the AGM are normally made by a simple majority of votes. Each voting shareholder in Viking may vote for the full number shareholder-owned and represented shares without limitations in voting rights.