Volkswagen Group awards Viking Assistance Group the RSA contract for Sweden


Volkswagen Group Sweden today announced that Viking Assistance Group has been awarded the contract for mobility services and roadside assistance for Sweden. The contract covers roadside assistance for the brands Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda representing approximately 1/3 of the Swedish car market. Commencement is expected during January/February 2019.

“Viking is very proud of being selected as exclusive partner to Volkswagen Group Sweden and with this confirming our commitment to delivering market leading mobility services in the Nordic market”, says Viking Group CEO, Hans Petter Semmelmann.

About Volkswagen Group Sverige AB
Volkswagen Group Sverige AB, headquartered in Södertälje, is Sweden’s largest car importer and markets cars of the brands Volkswagen Personbiler, Audi, SEAT, Skoda, Volkswagen Transport Vehicles and Porsche. In 2017, Volkswagen Group Sverige AB and its brands sold 103 200 cars and thus had a market share of over 27 per cent of the Swedish passenger car market. In addition, we sold 15 200 light commercial vehicles, which is just over 30 per cent of the car market. Volkswagen Group Sverige AB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Europe’s largest car manufacturer Volkswagen AG, which sold 10.74 million cars globally in 2017.

About Viking assistance Group AS
Viking is Norway’s largest roadside assistance company, and a leading Scandinavian assistance group with strong focus on customer satisfaction and innovation. The company’s Norwegian legacy and harsh natural conditions have fueled experience in solving mobility situations for 60 years. Viking has offices in Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Alicante in Spain, and serve customers through an extensive nationwide network of fully-owned and franchise stations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. The Group employs directly approximately 200 people and keep further 3,000 people active in the franchise network. Viking performs approximately 500.000 assistances yearly throughout Scandinavia.

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