Call Center

We handle more than 1,400,000 calls from our 24/7 staffed call center, and handles a wide and diversified range of customers with various service requirements.

Customer Service on behalf of our partners

Our 24/7 call center has the competence and systems to handle all kinds of customer service requests. Some of our clients choose to externalize their customer service lines to Viking, whether on 24 hour basis, after office hours or in case of overflow. Viking offers the flexibility to attend incoming enquiries, register these according to requirements, and provide the necessary response and action. Service levels are high and reflect the expectations of our partners.

Our services may cover, but are not limited to:

  • RSA / RSR
  • Customer enquiries
  • Insurance events
  • Administration of social media accounts, live chat and mailings
  • SMS satisfaction surveys
  • Booking appointments / service

Viking has a large database of suppliers and partners, including damage containment and restoration, and can dispatch emergency teams if necessary.

We address customers in their native language. Calls are answered by native operators in respectively Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and Finish. English is mandatory as well as native language per country. Our operating system is Nordic and used by all service representatives.