Electro mobility

Operating in Norway, the world’s leading EV market, has required us to adapt our services to meet the expectations and demand on the road.

In 2018, electric vehicles (EVs) had a 31 % market share in Norway. In order to meet the huge increase of EVs on the roads, Viking has adapted our services to ensure a unique customer experience for EV customers, including access to charging hardware and infrastructure.

Knowledge and experience

At our Call Center we have a high level of competence about EVs, as all operators have completed training in charging and infrastructure as well as model specific training together with different OEMs. On behalf of some partners our Call Center is actually operating as EV Product Specialist, answering all types of questions related to electro mobility and product features in the car. Along the road we ensure a high level of competence about EVs as well, as our recovery agents have conducted several technical trainings together with OEMs and external electric vehicle experts.  Also training in HV-assistances and fire rescure training is conducted.

To ensure full mobility for EV drivers, our Call Center agents have access to a map with all charging points throught the Nordics in our operating system – including filter possibilities for charging plugs, charging speed and availability.

EV advising

With our wide EV experience we advise our customers and partners about electro mobility, charging and charging infrastructure and we always share relevant information and findings with different stakeholders and partners in order to develop a one of a kind EV journey for owners and drivers.