Call Center

Our 24/7 Call Center has developed from being a support function to our roadside assistance business, to a leading one of a kind professional service. More than 1,650,000 calls are handled annually from a wide and diversified range of customers with various service requirements.

Service on behalf of our partners

Some of our clients choose to externalize their customer service lines to us, whether on 24 hour basis, after office hours or in case of overflow. All calls will be answered in your name, and if needed, all different enquiries can be regstered in your systems in order to provide the necessary response and action. Service levels are high and reflect the expectations of our partners.


Our Call Center has full omnichannel capabilities, and have the competence and systems to handle a wide range of different services according to you specific needs, expectations and requirements. We have a large database of suppliers and partners, including damage containment and restoration providers, and can dispatch emergency teams if necessary. Our services may cover, but are not limited to:

In- and outbound calls Social Media administration
Customer Service Email and chat administration
Contact center SMS satisfaction surveys
Insurance Events Booking appointments

Services by Industry

OEM and car importers Insurance
Car repair workshops Healthcare and medical
Transportation Financial


We address customers in their native language, and calls are answered by native operators in respectively Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and Finnish. Also, English is mandatory for all operators.  Our operating system is available in Nordic languages and is used by all service representatives.

Advanced call distribution

In order to both distribute and handle calls efficiently, advanced call distribution and interactive voice response (optional) is used. This ensures that all calls are directed to the most competent call center operator, in order to keep customer satisfaction high.


All the products and services our Call Center is handling on behalf of our clients is added to our operating system with different scripts. The scripts are available at the same time an operator recives a call, without any need for looking up the information, which gives the operators the correct framework to provide the correct answers and support in any situation.


For easier and more efficient handling of different enquires, connect your systems to our Call Center systems with easy and secure APIs.

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National Emergency Communication

Viking is part of the Norwegian emergency communication network system called Nødnett, which is a digital network for police, health service, fire and rescue services and other rescue and emergency companies, operated by the Norwegian Directorate for Civil ProtectionNødnett is a nationwide network offering telecommunication services based on the TETRA technology. Key users groups are organizations occupied with securing law and order, emergency and rescue services.